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A more serious development in 3D OpenGL then Snap! Klondike Solitaire is one of the most popular games in the Android Market, and yet none of them really appealed to me visually.

Latest features included High Definition graphics, an online leaderboard high score chart, user definable images of both card backings and backdrop.

This app has been recognised by its excellence on this siteΒ under the entry of Solitaire 3D Classic Klondike+.Β  Thanks for your keen observance and obvious good taste! πŸ™‚

An independent reviewer has taken the time to write a thorough review of which I appreciate very much!
Check out Daria’s review here:
Thank you very much for doing that. πŸ™‚

I wanted a clean looking interface, that didn’t require popup columns. Basically you should be able to play it as you see it without the need for tricky interfaces. I wanted to show off some of OpenGL animation, especially with the shuffle and deal, and specifically the winning sequence.

Here are some screenshots: –

And a video: –

The images below of the app are older than the current version, but I like to leave them here to remind me of how far the application has progressed!

Solitaire 3D was added to the list of the Best Free Solitaire Game Apps where you’ll see it listed as the 4th item.

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Solitaire 3D — 208 Comments

  1. Version 3.6.11

    This release is principally done so I can flag the Google Play Store that there is an update. “Why?”, I hear you ask! Google removed the Pro version because the app description violated the store listing requirements. And how? Because I used stars β˜… as bullet points for the app’s feature list. Using “special characters” in the description is now a violation (I apologize to Google for making them feel violated) so they removed the listing. No warning. No chance to fix. Just, delete. The joy of being an independent developer means they don’t need to pretend to care! So of course I fixed the listing immediately, but I need to release a new version of my app for them to recheck the store listing. I’m sure there are some really good words in the dictionary to describe this level of intelligence and pedantry.

    But, nevertheless, I took this opportunity to update all the SDKs I use – why not!

    Reviews take up to 7 days…
    5 stars for Google’s review process, yay. (Just to clarify this is a different 5 stars to those which got me banned.)

    Edit: In all fairness I have to state the review process took 2 days – sad it had to happen, or more precisely it happened the way did – but happy it wasn’t for a whole week.

  2. I greet you. The game in this format is excellent. I’m having a good time. No comments. I wish you a lot of health in the New Year.

  3. Version 3.6.12

    Updated to all the latest libraries. Mostly this is fix bugs in the existing SDKs, but could also have extra privacy data protection.

    The big news with this release though is I found a command which plays the ads at the same volume set internally within the app, with the upshot being the ads will now be a lot more quieter πŸ™‚

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