The fastest, high speed automatic clicking tool for Android devices.

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Auto Click Blitz

Its features: –

→ Fastest clicker available
→ Both tap clicks & swipes
→ Precise clicking, or
→ Random clicking in a custom zone
→ These different click types can be used simultaneously
→ Unlimited clickers
→ A flexible approach for handling multiple clickers
→ Intuitive and elegant user interface
→ Add & remove clickers on screen
→ Ability to interact with the screen when clickers are running
→ Also able to interact with the other clickers
→ Set interval from 1 millisecond to 1000 hours
→ Multiple fingers per single tap
→ Set a delay between clicks, allowing for bursts
→ Set how long the click is held down for
→ Set a number of repeats
→ Group clickers together to start and stop
→ Set size & opacity of each clicker
→ Quick minimize of the clickers to see the screen
→ Text edit precise values per clicker
→ Multiple profiles and configurations
→ Lock profile to prevent accidental changes
→ Share profiles with others, resolution independent

With all my testing this app is the fastest clicker I have found. I specifically search for fast clicker apps and this is 30% faster than the fastest one I found – even smashing it on its own internal click speed tester!

But its not just about the speed, I wanted multiple powerful options, but with a fluid interface. Each clicker is independent, with its own full suite of settings, but yet can be grouped with other clickers for bulk operations.

It can also tap directly into the corners, and even over the navigation bar at the top (but the OS won’t process those – nevertheless it can click there).

Some screenshots, just grabbed from the store listing but each are genuine – no manipulation: –

The app has been streamlined as far as possible, very little memory usage (native variables wherever possible), very few library imports (so little dependencies), and line-by-line fine-turning of all the code.

This is a year in development, of design, writing and testing to have a powerful, fully working and safe automation tool.

Despite having no ads I am willing to entertain the thought of putting reward ads in allowing you say 5 minutes of access to the Pro features. So every 5 minutes watch a [typically 30 second] video for something which otherwise costs $8 USD.

Built-in protection stops the clicker when the top-most app changes (this is configurable) or when the screen turns off. At full speed the device may become less responsive, so simply turn off the screen!

The accessibility service to send clicks to the screen is tied to the View screen permission. The screen cannot be controlled [sending clicks] without also having the permission to view it. This app does not view the screen, it only sends clicks to it.
These 2 permissions are grouped together so both have to be granted to allow the clicker to work.

Empower your Android experience with our accessibility service — a powerful click and swipe generator and productivity tool. Enhance screen navigation with intuitive gestures and touch controls, transforming your device into a versatile accessibility tool and assistive technology for mobile users seeking disability aid.


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