Non Stick Mouse in corners of Windows 10

Use this application to disable or bypass the sticky corners in Windows 10 for dual displays or multiple monitors. What it does is hop the mouse over the sticking corners, as well as the screen edges when moving windows. Thus it allows the dragging of windows through screens without your mouse getting hijacked by the Snap Assist.

The Hot Corners and Snap Assist still work, but now only when you want them to.

Latest Version released on 10th of July, 2018.

Here is the actual application itself if you wish to save it directly and run it whenever you wish: –
Click to download Non-stick mouse
VirusTotal (clean)
MD5: EB2899F6866C407B0BDDE70063EFEC8A
SHA-1: DF44AE2A28620807FF1F3902BD1D9822D290F57C
SHA256: 222F7389734E5192A20F06FDA7AEBBB57A473CFFEAF2B14C686DA2C9B443B829

I’ve been asked for an installer so it can run automatically on boot – so here it is, an installer: –
Click to download NSM setup
VirusTotal (13 false positives – AVs hate inno installers)
MD5: 3876ED70087EB059EC4F32431DBD3DDB
SHA-1: 4D6797B770EF411BCE99D93B51E091521411E0F4
SHA256: B7DEEDF79A7CA8963E4B6ADB4021542197F7D407343A493898B1C4A412EEEF8F

And for your peace of mind the full source code written in Delphi, 3 files on GitHub.

This application does not read or write to any drive, it does not access the registry or connect to the Internet.
I am only sharing this as I took the time to write it and I notice many people are annoyed by these Microsoft “features”.

It hides its window – so terminate it use the Task Manager. It is not designed to be overly clever, it does not have a notification tray icon.
If you want it to run on start up make a shortcut to where you have saved it in the start up folder, or use the installer!

If it is does not work at all please let me know and I will try to fix it when I have time.
It won’t fire when the active/topmost window belongs to a process which is running with privileges elevated higher than what NonStickMouse itself is running with.

Subsequently I have also developed a debug version: –
This has a User Interface showing the screen dimensions and offsets of each monitor, the mouse tracking, and the values it was at when the last hop was fired. This application will also hop the mouse so for complete accuracy please terminate NonStickMouse.exe when using it.

You may choose to compile this yourself for your own sense of security – in which case follow the instructions here: –

Developed by Jonathan Barton

As has been requested on numerous occasions, here is a donate button!

Just put whatever you like in the Price per item box 🙂

Disclaimer: Jonathan Barton is not responsible for any damage or presumption of damage caused by this application. All information here is to be considered advice of which you may chose to act or not act on; this includes compiling the application yourself. As one guy said, you received free, give free – this application cannot be repackaged and resold for commercial gain. You may contact me if you see an opportunity for this. Consider this paragraph as the End User License Agreement – which can be changed at any time without notice.


Non Stick Mouse in corners of Windows 10 — 403 Comments

  1. Hi Jonathan! Thanks for this amazing app!

    Unfortunately i cannot download the installer. When I try opening the link, it says “The connection was reset”.

    Tried same in Firefox and Internet explorer, but no luck.

    Any was to download it?



  2. Maybe I am using it wrong but I installed the software and verified it was running but my mouse still hangs when moving between the bottom and top monitor. I have 4 monitors that are stacked, 2 on the bottom, 2 on top. Moving left to right or right to left between monitors works fine. When I move up to the top monitors or down from the top to the bottom I have to move the mouse very fast in order for the mouse to move down. If not it gets stuck at the bottom edge or top edge.

    • The first guess is that the monitors aren’t aligned. They may look like they are in the Display Options, but that screen hides unaligned monitors by design (which is a flaw by Microsoft). So to test that’s not it first please download the debug version: –

      And post a screenshot of what it shows. It has the actual screen coordinates and offsets which help identify these kinds of issues.

  3. Thank you for the app, Jonathan. It’s a great help. Also thanks for your reply on I’m reposting my comment here, as you suggested.

    However, it appears to me that it only fixes the problem for screens that are side-by-side. If one screen is above the other, the problem seems to persist.

    • Hey Jim 🙂

      Ok, so, first thing I suggest is getting the debug version: –

      Run that and post a screenshot of it. Also terminate nsm.exe itself and see if the debug version will execute the hop, I would suspect it won’t, but at least if it does it shows the values on the screen which triggered it. In which case, it would be good to get a screenshot of that too.

      If you’re not sure on how to get screenshots just write back here and I’ll explain the process.


  4. Hey there!
    First off I would like to thank you for developing this.
    At the moment I’m having a hard time using the “Show desktop button” in the bottom right corner. I can press it but I have to really slow down and aim for it, maybe you could implement a config file so one could change the sensitivity of each corner hop.

    • Howdy!

      I don’t suppose you want to hear that there is a keyboard shortcut for that, Windows Key + D. Closely related is Windows Key + M for minimise all, but it won’t restore when pressed again.

      To harp on the subject, you can create your own shortcut for this command. In whatever folder you want it, do right-click -> New -> Short Cut and enter “%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{3080F90D-D7AD-11D9-BD98-0000947B0257}” and call it “Show Desktop” or whatever. You can then go to the Properties of that file, change it’s icon if desired (like C:\Windows\explorer.exe, 4th icon down) – and if it’s on the Desktop or anywhere in the Start Menu you can put a hot-key on it which will also work.

      But, to answer your question, NSM is rather brainless – the approach is: –
      where was the mouse 30ms ago, where is it now, and based on that trajectory where will it be in 30ms?
      if that is going to be another screen, then hop the mouse to that position

      So it is unaware even if its near a corner, it doesn’t know the screen sizes, or which is the Primary display, or more importantly which display has the Start button & task bar on it (not necessarily the primary), and, is the task bar horizontal or vertical.

      I can hard-code it though, so if you say if mouse’s X & Y coordinates are in this range, don’t hop. I am happy to code that if for you, if you give me what those numbers are (you can use the debug version to show mouse positioning) I’ll build a special exe just for you 🙂

      The amount of work to make this an option in the default app isn’t worth the overhead it would require. And, I’m really trying to show Microsoft just how simple a fix it would be to remove this bug – the smaller the code the greater the slap!

      Let me know if you want your very own NSM and I’ll get right on it!!


      • Hey!

        Thanks for the quick response. Cheers for the Win + D tip I really appreciate it. I think its just my muscle memory from always doing on windows 7.

        It would be amazing if you were able to make that for me, unless its too bothersome. I recorded the debug window with the corner of my two monitors. Do you need any additional information? (

        Many thanks,

        P.S. Microsoft sucks for implementing this “Feature” in the first place!!!

        • lol, I looked at your webpage, awesome! I clicked the screen so many times one of my cores spazzed out!! I hadn’t seen particles.js before, good fun 🙂

          Anyway, back on topic, get your toy here: –
 (note this is case sensitive)

          Now I can’t test it as my paltry monitors can’t hit the resolutions you use!! But, it should work. Here is the change employed, as modded from the source provided on github. In unit uNSM.pas, in function CheckForMove:boolean; straight after the begin //Begin CheckForMove are these lines of code: –

          //The Cameron Special - don't jump the mouse past the Show Desktop bar
          if (pt.X>1914) and (pt.X<1920) and (pt.Y>1038) and (pt.Y<1080) then

          And let me know if it doesn't behave, or I have misunderstood the intent for this change.

          • Wow thank you so much it works perfectly as intended!

            I appreciate your compliments, the particles are great fun. It’s a simple template but I cant remember where I got it from!

            I must thank you again, you really have gone above and beyond, your next coffee is on me!


        • Replying here as my site won’t let me nest comments 5 deep – I suppose I should change that!

          Thanks for the coffee!! Much appreciated 🙂

          I’m just glad I got it running for you – have a great day!

  5. Thanks for this. I have my laptop to the right of and much lower than my second monitor, with a narrow area in the top left of the laptop and bottom right of the second monitor for cursor transit. The horrible Windows feature was driving me insane, because my monitor arrangement was working well for me besides that.

    Regarding the false positives on the installer, people could download the program executable and then create a shortcut in the Startup folder in the Start Menu if they want it to start automatically but don’t want to use the installer. I personally would figure out what’s causing the false positives and wouldn’t host the installer unless I had made sure there weren’t any.

    “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp” <- this is the folder to copy the shortcut into.

    I miss the old Start Menu from before Windows 8… right-clicking on a folder actually opened a normal Explorer context menu.

    • I hear that!

      I use ClassicShell and it supports those older features, navigatable start menu with context menu (right click) for Open here on the sub menus.

      Personally though, I have NSM running in the Task Scheduler on the Start Up trigger, as this allows me to run it as administrator with the credentials preloaded – that way NSM still works if I’m running higher level admin applications.

      Cheers & thanks for writing 🙂

  6. It works wonders and snap still works it’s amazing how Microsoft can’t fix this major bug after years. It’s a bug not a feature, just like how being able to bend a ipad is not a feature.

    • Ah, but by all accounts, can’t you recharge the iPad battery in the microwave? And yes, I predict this bug will be fixed the same time unlimited resolution hologram displays are common – that would be appropriate to their development life cycle 🙂
      (Oh good, now my eyes can drift from one hologram display to the next without getting frozen in the corner.)

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