Jonathan Barton was born in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia in 1972; at least that’s what my parents have told me as I don’t recollect! I was brought up in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and that I can remember. In 1994 I graduated from the Queensland University of Technology to the degree of Bachelor of Applied Science (Computing); and thus can put the letters B.App.Sc(Comp) after my name, exciting neh?

My primary business is developing accounting packages for the small to medium business market – so let me tell you all about it as it is so exciting… But the reason you are here is due to my delving into the Android market, specifically games.  At university I majored in Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics which do factor in rather nicely with game development.

I’ve taught myself Java as that language wasn’t around in ’94! I am well versed in Object Oriented design from Smalltalk, Eiffel and Delphi and am really enjoying learning the power and flexibility Java offers – its sort of sad that for many years I had written it off as a crippled form of C (as it has no dynamic memory features – which is rather important in C).

I’m happy to accept advice and criticism of my games and try to employ any given in my developments.

I am married with two step-children (both moved out) and work from home.  I play squash & tennis, am an active Christian and my best friend lives in the USA (eu te amo minha filha).


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  1. I just signed up for a wordpress account. This way, I can talk to you using my computer as well.

    When I left the reply, it asked for my e-mail. Do you have that? if so, go to the link that I also put as my site link.

    Check out all the images that we sell. If there is one that you would like to use, let me know. I have several that we took that are not on the site, and if there is one on the site that you like, maybe I can grab one similar to that from the ones we don’t have listed to sell, for you to use as your backing on the cards.

    Sound good? Let me know.


  2. Hi,
    Johnatan I read your comment on JayWay Team Blog. You made your deck of cards in OpenGL. Please tell me your each card is made from one plane textured on both sides or each card is made from two planes ? Maybe you can share you knowlegde how did you do that. If you made your card from one plane, maybe you can give me any advice, example or link to tutorial.
    Thank you in advance.

  3. The formatting of the posts here gets butchered by WordPress – so I will try to lay it out to make it readable.

    Firstly, I created a class called CardMesh which extends Mesh. In the same manner as his GroupMesh is designed I don’t actually use the CardMesh itself to render, but it contains 2 Meshes as properties, and these do get rendered. I have 2 as I do separate the face and the back as a Mesh each. They both have the same vertices, indices and texture co-ordinates (the rendering comes from 2 separate images, one for the face and one for the back – and they have the same dimensions).

    I put an extra boolean property into Mesh called isBacking which gets set to true for the card backing Mesh. In the Mesh render I check this and if it is set I rotate 180 degrees on the y-axis to flip it.

    In my CardMesh I override 2 methods of the Mesh class. I override render() so what it does is copy the X, Y & Z of the CardMesh (which was inherited from Mesh) into the X, Y & Z of both my meshes. My meshes in my CardMesh are called mFace and mBack, so my render is like this: –
    public void render(GL10 gl) {
    mFace.X = X;
    mFace.Y = Y;
    //etc for X, Y & Z and rX, rY & rZ
    mBack.X = X;
    //etc as Face
    //and to actually render I do

    So my CardMesh doesn’t do any rendering itself (like GroupMesh) but it keeps the 2 Meshes synchronised.

    The other method I override is loadBitmap(), thusly: –
    public void loadBitmap(Bitmap bitmap) {

    So you see the image that gets passed is the card image itself, like Ace of Spades, and the backing Mesh loads whatever deck is selected.

    Hope that answers your question. If it’s easier for you email is fine too. Also if you want me to check your app I’m happy to do that too 🙂

    Cheers Jonathan

    • Thank you for very fast answer. Everything is very clearly explained – it’s more than I expected. Thank you one more time.

      Cheers Marcin

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    One of our producers here at NewsWatch came across your press release regarding some of the updates you’ve made to Solitaire 3D and thought it could be a great app to feature on our nationwide television show. He asked me to reach out to learn more and see if it would be a good fit for NewsWatch’s weekly app showcase: AppWatch. Our nationwide 30-minute TV broadcast airs in over 200 markets & 98 million households (including all top 20 major US cities) on both the History Channel and FYI Network.

    If you’re interested, please reach back out to me and we can speak more about the details.


    Chelsea Cantrell
    Sales and Content Manager

  5. Hi Jonathan,
    I apreciate very much your Solitaire 3D. I am located in Switzerland and speak perfect french, german and very good english. Your french translation of the help is catastrophic. Let me help you translate all your stuff in french and/or german. Conact me if you are interested. Are you in Ireland? I visited Ireland and also Klondike in a 10 day tour in 2011. Ireland is a wonderful Country.
    Best regards

    • I would very much appreciate that! It was done by a friend, before I started hiring professional translators. For whenever you have the time what you can do is just state what the old/incorrect French is next to the correct translation, and I will apply them as you feed them to me – ditto for the German.

      I live in Australia, in Brisbane, Queensland – and have never gone to Ireland – but that is a place I would love to go, and I can say the same for Switzerland too!

      Sorry for the delay in my reply, WordPress did not notify me there was a comment pending to be approved.

    • Hey there! Sorry to say but its only available on Android. The app is specifically written for that hardware, operating system and graphics engine – it would have to be a complete rewrite from scratch to make it run on Windows. Again, sorry about that!

  6. Hi Jonathan!

    I was looking for a whole day for a solution what solve the sticky edges and corners in windows 10 with 4 monitors.
    Just wanted to say that your program is only one what really helped. This was very important for me, I’m working on my PC all day, so thank you very much!!! I really appreciate! Keep pushing microsoft support to build in your program!

    One question: is it possible to set that your program automatically starts with Windows?

    Cheers from Hungary, Budapest!

  7. OMG! Non Stick Mouse in corners of Windows 10 has saved my sanity! Is there some way I can send you like $10?

    Brett Wells

  8. Hi Jonathan, the non stick mouse is a great program, however at work that McAfee live scanner detects this as a torjan which I know it is not. Is there any way you can make the executable safe from detection?

  9. Do you have a contribution method? I greatly appreciate you posting the source AND the compile info and compiler sources for the No Stick Mouse project. That works just fine for me. I could get this to my work due to AV hits and IT staff would not allow an exception. It is a shame that AV software has become and will continue to become more so annoying with very generic detection heuristics. Thanks again!

  10. Hey Jonathan,

    I’m currently a student at Oregon State University studying computer science. I came across your site while looking for a way to circumvent the Windows 10 sticky corner. I’m taking a bit of a shot in the dark with this comment, but please send me an email at the address provided as I would love to discuss some things with you!

    Thank you!

  11. Hi Jonathan,

    My name is Dory. I am learning php and Cakephp. I’ve found you on Cakephp forum. I wonder if I can ask you a couple of questions via email? If it’s possible, could you please send me an email that I’ve provided? Thank you.

    • Hey Dory.

      I could email you, but it would be more polite to post your questions on the CakePHP forums – and don’t worry if you’re worried about being treated like a newbie, as long as you try to research your problem before posting! I am also new[ish] to PHP & CakePHP – thus relying on my advice only would be unwise! You’ll see on those forums I am often corrected, or at least shown a smarter or more Cake oriented solution.


  12. Greetings, i come to your profile from CakePHP forum. Nice to see your work, profile , and how you had started programming. Actually I did the same starting with basic on a Sinclair 128K

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