Dots and Dashes

My first public Android application, a game an old school friend of mine taught me (well, his dad did – who incidentally was the headmaster of the school – which isn’t so great when you set his son on fire, but that’s another story) that you play on paper.

I had already made this game for the Nokia T310 on the Mophun platform many years ago, and decided to start there.

I wanted to start with a game that didn’t involve 2D or 3D graphics; it is completely component driven. That way I could learn a lot about custom components. With my strong Delphi background this interested me and I knew it was something I have to be very familiar with before I tackle the fun stuff.

So here is the Android version: –

I also released a Pro version.
I wanted to see how the market works as well as I wanted to share the deep analysis of the game, which you good folk can pay for 😉
It has extra features: hint, swap sides, undo – as well the full analysis of the game.  Note that Dots and Dashes is a variation of a nim game.

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